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Expressions et vocabulaire courants (Français/ English)

Expressions et vocabulaire courants Français/ English

published on 11-11-2019 - 24 views
One Hundred Years of Solitude

One Hundred Years of Solitude (Spanish: Cien años de soledad, American Spanish: [sjen ˈaɲoz ðe soleˈðað]) is a landmark 1967 novel by Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez that tells the multi-generational story of the Buendía family, whose patriarch, José Arcadio Buendía, founded the town of Macondo, a fictitious town in the country of Colombia. The magical realist style and thematic substance of One Hundred Years of Solitude established it as an important representative novel of the literary Latin American Boom of the 1960s and 1970s, which was stylistically influenced by Modernism (European and North American) and the Cuban Vanguardia (Avant-Garde) literary movement. Since it was first published in May 1967 in Buenos Aires by Editorial Sudamericana, One Hundred Years of Solitude has been translated into 37 languages and sold more than 30 million copies. The novel, considered García Márquez's magnum opus, remains widely acclaimed and is recognized as one of the most significant works in the Spanish literary canon.

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HOW TO speak and write correctly

In the preparation of this little work the writer has kept one end in view, viz.: To make it serviceable for those for whom it is intended, that is, for those who have neither the time nor the opportunity, the learning nor the inclination, to peruse elaborate and abstruse treatises on Rhetoric, Grammar, and Composition. To them such works are as gold enclosed in chests of steel and locked beyond power of opening. This book has no pretension about it whatever,—it is neither a Manual of Rhetoric, expatiating on the dogmas of style, nor a Grammar full of arbitrary rules and exceptions. It is merely an effort to help ordinary, everyday people to express themselves in ordinary, everyday language, in a proper manner. Some broad rules are laid down, the observance of which will enable the reader to keep within the pale of propriety in oral and written language. Many idiomatic words and expressions, peculiar to the language, have been given, besides which a number of the common mistakes and pitfalls have been placed before the reader so that he may know and avoid them. The writer has to acknowledge his indebtedness to no one in particular, but to all in general who have ever written on the subject. The little book goes forth—a finger-post on the road of language pointing in the right direction. It is hoped that they who go according to its index will arrive at the goal of correct speaking and writing.

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NLP Mastery

Introducing NLP Mastery – Discover the Wonders of NLP and How It Can Help You Achieve the Life You Want. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about all about NLP, how does NLP help you grow, how NLP helps with career, how NLP helps with relationships, how NLP helps with confidence, how NLP helps with habits, how NLP helps with fears, how NLP helps with languages, how NLP helps with productivity and the trouble with not adjusting your mind.

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Learn Java in One Day and Learn It Well

Have you always wanted to learn computer programming but are afraid it'll be too difficult for you? Or perhaps you know other programming languages but are interested in learning the Java language fast? This book is for you. You no longer have to waste your time and money trying to learn Java from boring books that are 600 pages long, expensive online courses or complicated Java tutorials that just leave you more confused and frustrated.

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Brehe’s Grammar Anatomy

Brehe’s Grammar Anatomy makes grammar accessible to general and specialist readers alike. This book provides an in-depth look at beginner grammar terms and concepts, providing clear examples with limited technical jargon. Whether for academic or personal use, Brehe’s Grammar Anatomy is the perfect addition to any resource library. When we speak or write, or listen or read, we create sentences with words and phrases. Grammar is the system of rules that guide us as we make and comprehend the sentences of others. All languages have some kind of grammar.

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Research Reports / Beyond Essay Length - ETS

Essay length was also examined as a possible explanation for differences in scores among examinees with native languages of Spanish, Arabic, and Japanese.

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JavaScript Object Programming

This brief book explains the advantages of the object model, inheritance, both classical and prototypical, and shows how these concepts can be implemented in JavaScript. It also shows how object programming (OP) opens a new world of design possibilities that go far beyond inheritance. This book will help the intermediate JavaScript programmer learn to use both types of inheritance. For classical inheritance, it is accompanied by a substantial online system (a windowing UI library) that shows classical inheritance at its best. The same system shows how OP "capabilities" can eliminate much of the need for inheritance. For experienced JavaScript programmers, this book shows why most of the old views of JavaScript's inheritance have not done it justice. JavaScript classes inherit from JavaScript's prototypes, a fact that makes JavaScript's prototypes, when used correctly, functional equivalents to C++ classes. JavaScript's object programming (not inheritance) is what separates it from classical OOP languages like C++ and Java. Most important, basing inheritance on JavaScript's prototypal chain is possible, but is not the best choice for prototypal inheritance or classical inheritance.

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An old carpenter carves a little wooden puppet from a mysterious piece of wood that seems to have the ability to talk! He begins to love the little creature like his own son and names him Pinocchio. But the mischievous fellow runs away from his loving father as soon as he learns to walk. The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi follows the misadventures and naughty exploits of this delightfully “human” puppet who in his heart of hearts longs only to become a real boy. Carlo Collodi was the pen name of a gifted writer of children's books, Carlo Lorenzini who lived in Florence, Italy, during the late 19th century. He was also a political activist and author of several novels, short novels, articles and sketches for adults. He began writing for children in 1876 and translated children's literature from other languages into Italian.

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Test of English Foreign Language TOEFL

WRITTEN EXPRESSION On Ellesmere Island in the Arctic one fossil forest consist of a nearly hundred large stumps scattered on an exposed coal bed. Jawab : (B) a nearly Keyword : hundred large stumps Pembahasan : a nearly -> nearly Kata “a nearly” tidak memerlukan indefinite article/ determiner “a”, karena kata benda stumps adalah plural. B

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English_Numbers.pdf English_Numbers.pdf English_Numbers.pdf English_Numbers.pdf English_Numbers.pdf English_Numbers.pdf

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Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation: A To-the-Point Guide to JSON

JSON has become a widely accepted and popular format for data due to its platform neutral nature, lightweight format, and its friendly structure for object oriented languages. JSON is being used everywhere from Web APIs, to noSQL databases, to server side language libraries and client side frameworks.

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Writing in Foreign Language Contexts

All edited books are the result of a collective enterprise. This one has been so in very special ways and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the contributors for helping me shape the vision I had for our joint endeavour and for making the book a reality. I would also like to thank them for their diligence in writing and repeatedly rewriting their chapters, for always keeping to deadlines and for their generosity in reviewing each other’s chapters. My sincere gratitude also goes to Ilona Leki for having accepted to write the Preface

published on 27-10-2019 - 70 views
An Introduction to English Syntax

Anthony Warner read the first draft of this book and offered many valuable comments which have helped me to improve both the organisation of the contents and the explanation of particular points. Jenny Fuchs, although busy with her studies on the second year of the Honours MA in English Language at the University of Edinburgh, gave both a student’s reaction and comments worthy of professional linguists.

published on 27-10-2019 - 59 views
The A to Z of Correct English

For ease of reference, all the entries in this book have been listed alphabetically rather than being divided into separate spelling, usage, punctuation and grammar sections. You will therefore find hypocrisy following hyphens; paragraphing following paraffin; who or whom? following whiskey or whisky?; and so on.

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The 5 Love Languages

Chapman is convinced that keeping the emotional love tank full is as important to a marriage as maintaining the proper oil level is to an automobile.

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Easy-Learn-Spanish تعليم الاسبانيه بسهولة

الكتاب يتناول تعليم الاسبانيه بسهولة خطوة بخطوة . الارقام Los Numero ( واحد - Uno - أونو ) * ( اثنين - Dos - دوس ) * ( ثلاثه - Tres - تريس ) * ( أربعة - Cuatro - كواترو ) * ( خمسة - Cinco - ثينكو ) ( سته - Seis - سييس ) * ( سبعة - Siete - سييتى ) * ( ثمانية - Ocho - أوتشو ) * ( تسعه - Nueve - نويبى ) * ( عشره - Diez - دييث ) الأوقات Los Tiempos ( اليوم - Hoy - أوي ) --- ( أمس - Ayer - ايير ) --- ( غدا - Manana - مانيانا ) ( الأسبوع - La Semana - لا سيمانا ) --- ( الشهر - El Mes - ال ميس ) --- ( السنه - El Ano - ال آنيو ) ( الساعة - La Hora - لا أورا ) --- ( الدقيقة - El Minuto - ال مينوتو ) --- ( الثانية - El Segundo - السيقوندو ) ( الليل - La Noche - لا نوتشى ) --- ( النهار - El Dia - ال ديا ) الألوان Los Colores ( أبيض - Blanco - بلانكو ) --- ( أسود - Negro - نيقرو ) --- ( أزرق - Azul - أثوول ) ( أحمر - Rojo - روخو ) --- ( أخضر - Verde - بيردى ) --- ( أصفر - Amarillo - أمارييو ) الصفات Cualidades ( بارد - Frio - فريو ) ---------- ( حار - Calor - كالور ) ( غالي - Caro - كارو ) ---------- ( رخيص - Barato - باراتو ) ( جميل - Guapo - قوابو ) ---------- ( قبيح - Feo - فيو ) ( جيد - Bueno - بوينو ) ---------- ( سيء - Malo - مالو ) ( قوي - Fuerte - فويرتى ) ---------- ( ضعيف - Debil - ديبيل ) ( صغير - Pequeno - بيكينيو ) ---------- ( كبير - Grande - قراندى ) ( غني - Rico - ريكو ) ---------- ( فقير - Pobre - بوبرى ) ( مسرور - Alegre - أليقرى ) ---------- ( حزين - Triste - تريستى ) ( سهل - Facil - فاثيل ) ---------- ( صعب - Deficil - ديفيثيل ) ( قليل - Poco - بوكو ) ---------- ( كثير - Mucho - موتشو ) ( شاب - Joven - خوبين ) ---------- ( شيخ - Viejo - بييخو ) ( أعزب - Soltero - سولتيرو ) ---------- ( متزوج - Casado - كاسادو ) أعضاء الجسم ( الرأس - La Cabeza - لا كابيثا ) --- ( الوجه - La Cara - لا كارا ) --- ( الفم - Boca - بوكا ) * ( العين - Ojos - أوخوس ) ( الأنف - Nariz - ناريث ) --- ( الأذن - Oreja - أوريخا ) --- ( اللسان - Lengua - لينقوا ) --- ( الأسنان - Dientes - ديينتيس ) ( الشفاه - Labios - لابيوس ) --- ( القلب - Corazon - كوراثون ) --- ( اليد - Mano - مانو ) --- ( القدمان - Pies - بييس ) القرابة ( الأب - El Padre - ال بادري ) ---------- ( الأم - La Madre - لا مادري ) ( الإبن - El hijo - ال إيخو ) ---------- ( الإبنة - La hija - لا إيخا ) ( الأخ - El hermano - ال إرمانو ) ---------- ( الأخت - La hermana - لا إرمانا ) ( الجد - El abuelo - ال ابويللو ) ---------- ( الجده - La abuela - لا أبويللا ) ( العم أو الخال - El Tio - ال تيو ) ---------- ( العمه أو الخاله - La Tia - لا تيا ) ( الخطيب - El novio - ال نوبيو ) ---------- ( الخطيبة - La novia - لا نوبيا )

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الأساس فى الترجمة فى اللغة الإنجليزية

الأساس فى الترجمة كتاب قيم جدا للمتخصصين فى اللغة الإنجليزية والمترجمين أرجوا أن ينفع الله به من يريده وجزاكم الله خيرا على هذا المنتدى الرائع ونسأل الله أن يجعله فى ميزان حسناتكم

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تعلم اللغة الانجليزية

هذا الكتاب لمن يرغب في تعلم اللغه الانجليزية بطريقة سهله ومبسطه هذا الكتاب لمن يرغب في تعلم اللغه الانجليزية بطريقة سهله ومبسطه

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الشافي الكافي في قواعد الفرنسية

أقوى كتاب يعمل على تعليم اللغة الفرنسية وبتركيز على القواعد أقوى كتاب يعمل على تعليم اللغة الفرنسية وبتركيز على القواعد أقوى كتاب يعمل على تعليم اللغة الفرنسية وبتركيز على القواعد

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تعلم اللغة التركية المبسطة

تعليم أهم مصطلحات اللغة التركية والاحرف وأشهر الجمل التي تهم المسافر. تعليم أهم مصطلحات اللغة التركية والاحرف وأشهر الجمل التي تهم المسافر.

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تعلم اللغة الفرنسية

دروس رائعة في اللغة الفرنسية. دروس رائعة في اللغة الفرنسية. دروس رائعة في اللغة الفرنسية. دروس رائعة في اللغة الفرنسية.

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That’s Not English – Britishisms, Americanisms & What Our English Says about Us

That’s Not English – Britishisms, Americanisms & What Our English Says about Us By Erin Moore 152 pages

published on 25-10-2019 - 51 views
Understanding Idioms and the Process of Translating themfrom English into Arabic

Idioms are a set of words that produce indirect meaning. They have significance in any language. They constitute an important ratio in any language's lexical component. Translation of idioms into and from any language causes a lot of difficulties to translators in general and foreign language learners in particular. The burden of translating idioms into accurate and correspondent equivalents in target languages is demanding and worrying. Actually, several factors play roles in facilitating or complicating the understanding and subsequently transferring the meaning of idioms into another parallel language (s). Doubtless, culture is a pivotal element in the evolution of idioms. Nearly all idioms are derived from cultural backgrounds. Certainly, almost all languages lexical stores contain diverse types of idioms. In order to decode the meaning of idioms and idiomatic expressions, foreign language learners in general, and translators, in particular, should possess profound linguistic and cultural knowledge in both source and target languages

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Philology and linguistics

An index of texts related to the study, including grammar and vocabulary, of languages. A very interesring books to read

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PHP: PHP & MySQL Programming Guide for Web Programmers and Hackers

There are various scripting languages that are used for developing websites and the most used scripting language is PHP. It is highly popular among the developers as it provides additional functionalities that are present which are not available in other scripting languages. It is also called as the general purpose language used for scripting. It is an open source script which means the scripting code is available for the developers to see without any payment required. Initially when PHP was introduced, its abbreviation was Personal home page. But later it's been changed to hypertext preprocessor.

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C++ The Ultimate Guide to Master C Programming Fast (c plus plus, C++ for beginners, programming com

Many of the applications of C++ involve more complex organizations of software pieces, including graphics and scientific computations. This is not to say that Java or other languages lack the ability to tackle these kinds of problems. C++ does have a history in these fields, with its ancestor being the C programming language. The best way to view it is that C++ added some object-oriented principles (OOP) to the C language in order to become more modern at the time.

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اللغة العربية كائن حي

كتاب "اللغة العربية كائن حيّ" هو كتاب لمؤلّفه جورجي زيدان يعدّ اضافة خاصّة للعربية في نظرته العامّة للفلسفة اللغوية؛ فيتحدث فيه عن مراحل تطوّر وتنوع معاني ومدلولات ألفاظ العربية و توظيفاتها عبر العصور. اضافة لاختلاف تراكيبها وأساليبها. كما يتحدّث أيضا عن الدخيل منها في كلّ مرحلة تاريخية.

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